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Services & Rates

Swedish Massage

60 minutes: $85
90 minutes: $115

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.

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The Healing Place Massage

30 minutes: $65
45 minutes: $80
60 minutes: $95
75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $125

The Healing Place massage therapy sessions are tailored to your needs. Medium pressure is used in my massage therapy. Attention on circulation and relaxation for both my client and their musculature is my goal. Your nervous system controls the pain and the tightness in your muscles. I strive to give you an opportunity to relax and melt into my table signaling your nervous system to go into a relaxation mode. Your body can then let go of its need to restrict and hold tight. ( example; shoulders up to the ears) . Trigger point therapy and or connective Tissue Therapy may be addressed in an area of stagnation. Aromatherapy and Reflexology are an added bonus. Included in your therapy is hot stones to melt your back muscles accompanied by therapeutic grade essential oils and a heating pad to seal your back portion of your massage. Sessions are usually a full body massage but may be tailored to specific areas if the client wishes not to have certain areas worked on. Your session comes to a close with grounding energy holds. The client is held in stillness inviting peace and relaxation  ( kind of like a state of savasana you invite in yoga). Simple laying of my hands over your forehead and your heart to connect your mind with your heart. I may go to your neck and shoulders too if you had a lot of tension there.

The energy holds are intended for your Chakras. Chakras are our energy centers for our bodies. They spin very fast creating a vortex. A healthy Chakra is taking into the body life force energy to stay healthy. The heart is your seat of love and your forehead ( 3rd eye) is your intuition. My intention is for you to connect  both so your mind sees through love and not ego.

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Rain Drop Treatment ( essential oils, hot towel pack ,Massage techniques, more massage is added for neck and back in your 90 minute treatment)

75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $125

When I received my first Raindrop I was under Chiropractic care for years. The career before becoming a Massage therapist injured my back. I was laid up for a whole year. I couldn't even do a crunch without extreme spasms. I had two discs slightly protruding, and S.I. joint dysfunction. This was during my first year of my 2 year part time program studying to become a massage therapist. I found a Chiropractor that helped me and later was invited to join his practice . I worked in his office for 7 years. My muscles were weak from being laid up but I was determined to work out, get strong and heal. Years later my adjustments were painful with only one or 2 cracks heard but my back was always very stiff. I was working out and stretching almost every day. I left to join a large group of massage therapists and received my first Rain drop, " Drink allot of water! This detoxes up to 7 days!". I was hopeful but nothing happened. Pain was the same, stiffness as usual. Then? The 7th day. I was done with a spin class and laid down on a mat in the stretching area. I started my usual stretching routine and then I heard, pop, pop, pop, pop,pop, oh my God! My whole spine fell into alignment!!! I was blown away!!!I started ingesting oils in my water and my body became more alkaline , another problem I was dealing with. I studied with C.A.R.E., ( Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) learned Raindrop and later became a certified Aromatherapist. I wrote a newsletter, became a distributor and was over the top excited to share these amazing healing oils!!!

Rain Drop Treatment is founded by Dr. Gary Young and includes 7 essential oils along with 2 blends. It concentrates on the feet and spine. Essential oils are some of the most powerful inhibitors of microbes known and have tremendous germ killing effects! A treatment known as Vitaflex  ( viality through the reflexes) is used on the feet to start the process of the oils transported into your cells. The treatment on your back is done by drops of essential oil dispensed like little drops of rain along the vertebrae and back muscles. Appoximatley 50 - 70 drops depending on your height and legnth of your spine.

This is a wonderful Detoxing treatment and works up to one week in your body to re-align your spine by clearing out viral agents and inflammation.

Massage techniques are used to aid in this process along with a hot towel pack used to drive the oils deeper in your cells.

While giving demonstrations with Raindrop Treatment taught by C.A.R.E. ,I would measure the height of my client before and after a Raindrop session. They always measured taller!

This treatment helps with scoliosis after many treatments (article found in the Essential Oils Desk Reference 3rd edition) but immediately starts to clear out Lymph nodes of virus and bacteria that are along the spine. I have gone for a treatment fully feeling a bad cold coming on and left with it gone!

The 75 minute treatment addresses your feet and your back and ends with a hot towel on your back. The heat drives the treatment of approximately 72 drops of therapeutic grade oils deeper into your system. You are left to relax  in quiet while the towels cool. Hands on time approximately 65 minutes. 

The 90 minute session adds more massage to your back after the towels are removed and ends with a neck and face massage.

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Rocks & Rain

90 minutes: $145

I just couldn't leave well enough alone. For my love of using using hot stones and my desire to create an incredible unforgetable session my clients would not only love, but be healing and therapeutic as well, I designed Rocks and Rain. I tested this on close colleagues and found the right amount of heat to use without over doing it. The hot stones and essential oils are both detoxifying. 

Rocks & Rain has the same benefits of the Rain Drop Treatment with the added benefit of hot stone therapy used on the backside of your body. More massage to your feet after the essential oils are applied with Vitaflex reflexology along with some basic reflexology to end the foot session.Your whole session is ended with a lovely neck and face massage .

This is a true favorite of my clients!!!

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Understanding Energy Work

I attended a Reiki class  in1995. My body was imbalanced and doctors told me I had to be on hormones for the rest of my life. At 35 years old I had the bones of a 65 year old woman. I was in a very stressful marriage , worked 12 hour days as a nail tech. I had constant back pain and was so stressed my hands shook all the time. I tried to get healthy by quitting smoking at 31 and exercising. But here I was.....

Reiki changed my life. After my 3rd class, ha ha, I was finally able to quiet my mind. My Reiki masters wife , a holistic nutritionist honed in on my issues and I stopped taking hormones and took herbs. I followed a diet she gave me and walla. In 3.5 months I came back to balance. 1 year later my bones measured an 18% increase in bone mass. I had a miracle.

The story behind the scenes was that I was terrified. I was told I would have osteoporosis because I had 0% estrogen or progesterone in my body and my Pituitary gland ( governs over hormonal functions in the body) would never function properly. I intuitively knew in my heart these hormones would give me cancer down the road. I could quiet my mind now and I went deep into prayer. I heard God say to me " I will heal you". I started crying. That wasn't my own mind , It really was the voice of God. 

I did have a miracle. The woman that scanned my bones couldn't believe what she saw in front of her on the screen . She kept asking me what I did to grow back this much bone? I told her my laundry list of pro active things I was doing and she kept saying " what else?" "I have never seen this before". I told her that God told me he would heal me. She welled up with tears and said" You have had a miracle". 

Reiki changed my life. It is a way of life. ( Rei means life force Ki means energy ) I touched the stillness beyond my mind. The universal Self. The Self that connects all of us. God, Consciousness, the Absolute. What ever you want to call it. I had a purpose. I became a student in Practical Philosophy school for many years, went on to Massage School after spending much time in prayer. I wasn't supported in these choices. My marriage ended. But I was so grateful for the gift I had been given. My purpose is to help other people feel the peace and stillness I had found along with helping them with pain in their bodies. This is the basis for the energy work and energy holds I love to include in my work.

A Reiki practioner receives an energy attunement from a Master.This can be explained like a student being tuned in to a radio station. We all have the ability to heal but without the attunement your radio station comes in statically . The practioner empties the busy mind becomes still and allows life force energy to flow through them to the client. Thus becoming a conduit. Your body takes in this energy and it flows to where it needs to go.

Energy work is based on the belief that everyone has a "life force", and that the body needs to sustain its balance for optimum health. Anytime you experience emotional or physical illness, it indicates that your life force has simply become unbalanced. I work directly with your energy field and Chakras to restore balance and flow to your entire system. And once your energy field has been restored to full health, your body will follow.

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90 Minutes to Bliss

90 minutes: $110

This session is for the client who just needs to relax! They don't want therapeutic massage, no pain, just a nurturing experience. The pressure can be firm or light. I will adjust pressure to your preference. In Swedish massage we are tending to the physical needs of the body and energy work for the nurturing of your mind and soul.

Swedish massage and energy work ( I.E.T. and Reiki) is combined in your session and closes your session with the sound of Tibetan bowls. I sound the bowls 3 times around the right and left side of your head. Sound waves balance your right and left side of your brain. To close the sounds are carried all around your physical and energy body.

This session brings total peace and relaxation for mind, body and spirit! 

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Integrated Energy Therapy ( I.E.T.)

60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $100

The next step beyond Reiki is healing with the energy of Angels! by Steven Thayer. He invites you to have an experience of healing the pain of the past without having to feel the pain again.

He teaches there is 9 areas on the body that may hold emotional suppressed energy. Guilt, distrust, shame, threat, the shoulds, heartache,anger,resentment,stress and fear. These are cleared during the 60 and 90 minute sessions and in its place an empowerment of positive energy ; innocence, trust, spiritual pride, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, ease and safety replaces the 9 areas of suppressed energy.

In developing this modality assisting Steven was Angel Ariel. Along with her, other angels came through to help assist. They are known as the Healing Angels of the energy field and are Angel Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Casiel, Daniel, Sarah and Archangel Michael.

Steven wrote a 55 page book which is a compellation of channeling and healing messages from these angels and is available for sale in my office for $15.00 each.

In a 90 minute session we include clearing the 9 areas on your body but now  we go deeper into 2 more areas of suppressed energy on your body which includes struggle, limitations, and pushing away and not wanting to deal with life, constriction and victimization are replaced with harmony and taking action to move forward in our lives.

We go on work to work with your soul star 4 feet above your head that contains  your souls purpose. Our purpose for this session is to help you remember. To envision, embrace and enact in order to fulfill your souls purpose.

The session is grounded in the earth with your earth star. So you may live it and bring it to life.

The session is hands on but you remain fully clothed. I add the sounds of my tibetan bowls in the end for a final clearing. 

Clients may choose to talk or not. Some like to hear what each area is being worked on and what emotional energy is being stored there.

I am a Master Instructor and have held Healing Angel classes and circles. I have taught all 3 levels of I.E.T. I have given a presentation to 30 students in the  Onondaga school of Massage, and have shared in small circles as well. Recently I participated in a Healing Angel Day. At my booth I offered healing, sold Steven's  books and gave a talk on this beautiful modality . Angels are all around us guiding and protecting and serving. It brings me great joy to teach about them and share their gifts

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Earth & Either

120 minutes: $150

This two hour treatment includes a  60 minute full body massage with the warmth of hot stones. Stones are placed on energy centers known as Chakras and the body is annointed with fragrant essential oils. Sound healing ( tibetan bowl sounds) is accompanied with a 60 minute session of Reiki and I.E.T. .

This is a totally indulgent session to balance, restore and heal mind, body & spirit!

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Biofield Tuning, I.E.T. Sound bath

90 minutes: $100


The Healing Place "Sanctuary for your Soul"


Biofield Tuning,Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Bathing 

This session works with frequency healing in your biofield by releasing blockages from past trapped emotions.

I.E.T. also works to release emotional suppressed energy from areas on the body. A beautiful modality that works with the energy of the Healing angels.

A sound bath with Tibetan bowls and chimes and tuning forks brings our session to a close. Feel refreshed, relaxed, and blissful!


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